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Sleep Angels - Gentle sleep trainers using Jo’s calm, distress free techniques

We have Sleep trainers who are experienced Maternity Nurses or Nannies, with First Aid training and DBS checks. They have been on a training course with Jo to learn about her methods and techniques plus understanding babies better. They only use gentle techniques and use flexible routines based on your baby’s natural patterns using a log sent by you before they arrive.

They don’t use cry it out or controlled crying. Just Jo’s Spaced Soothing technique which means you settle baby then listen to sleep noises, then respond with soothing when they need you.

Sleep Angels Sleep Training

If you are nanny, maternity nurse, night nanny or childcarer who would like to enhance their cpd and widen your job prospects and use what you have learnt to do more sleep training jobs, then this course is for you.


If you would like to learn more about the course click here.

Upcoming Sleep Angels Training

Sleep Angels Training


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Myself, and the combined knowledge of our amazing experts: Clare Byam-Cook, Annabel Karmel MBE & Al Ferguson.


Jo Tantum - UK's leading Sleep Expert.


Jo is very proud to announce her collaboration with Classic FM to launch her new Album ‘Sleep Baby Sleep’. Jo has worked closely in the studio with Global making sure the instruments and melodies chosen would be restful and soothing for little ears. You can order on Amazon here - or on Classic FM here - Look out for giveaways on social media.


Phone consultations • Exclusive videos • Soothing methods • Spaced Soothing technique explained

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